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Metal for Facebook is a Facebook client for Android that offers a nice Material Design–inspired interface, as well as a comfortable and smooth browsing experience. No flourishes, no revolutionary features, just simplicity and elegance.

The app's interface lets you quickly access any of the sections on Facebook. One touch is enough to access friend requests, news on your wall, conversations with other users, the search bar, etc. And the loading speed, in general, is very fast.

One of the most interesting features on Metal for Facebook is undoubtedly the so-called metal bar. Thanks to this option, which you can activate or deactivate as you wish, the notifications bar becomes a special bar where you can see a lot more information about your Facebook account than you normally would.

Metal for Facebook is a powerful and elegant client, with some very interesting features and a great design. In short, an excellent alternative to Facebook's official app, which has certainly never been very good.
5 alternative Android clients for Facebook

The official Facebook client for smartphones and tablets slows down your performance and hogs way too many resources. Not only because of the amount of your data plan it eats through every month, but adding insult to injury, it also completely drains your battery life. Given that quitting social networks like Facebook is not on the order of the day, here is a list of five great alternatives to the official Facebook client, all of which will let you access your Facebook account from your smartphone or tablet without uselessly sacrificing battery life or data.
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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